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What with the about-to-live-in-the-UK thing, I decided I wanted to stop posting in this about-Japan blog - not that I've really written anything in the past couple of years...

Anyway, new blog at this link.

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So what with the whole iPad thing, Syan has been thinking about wanting an eBook reader. The problem is that the only e-ink device that's even semi-officially on sale in Japan is the Kindle, and that only supports Japanese text in PDFs, and even then it's a limited subset. It's weird given that all the tech in these devices seems to come from Japan, and that the first few models were made by Japanese companies (though the iLiad was never on sale in Japan) that there's no domestic models (Sony abandoned their Japanese product for one in the US)
The iPad is of no interest to us as it's not an e-ink display. For now Syan's sticking with the laptop - I've had a vague interest in a sony reader or kindle for a while now - getting foreign books in Japan can be awkward, should be easier digitally - but Syan doesn't read in English.

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So we got some food / drink presents for our wedding.
1.5 bottles of champagne
1 box of classy chocolates
1 "Champion" Curry (the regional speciality from Syan's home town)

My parents drank a bottle of champagne and ate the chocolates, my brother-in-law ate the curry (last night, it was a late present)

Obviously my family can't be trusted with food or drink.

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Finally, I have made a site to hold the translations of my wife's manga blog about us (better than I've just made it sound, I swear)

You can find the site here

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Parcel delivery just came.

Managed to prove my suspicions though - Syan got to the door before the guy had had the chance to run away, and he had to admit he hadn't bothered to bring the packages and was just going to do a "we came while you were out" slip

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For me, Christmas has now begun.

I was in Ito-Yokado, with my mother-in-law, shopping for pants and socks for my wife (don't ask...) when they started playing "Merry Christmas Everybody" by Slade - weird, because it's an unknown song in Japan, they then moved onto "Last Christmas" by Wham, also unknown, which makes me suspect they bought licensed their Christmas music from a foreign company.

Anyway, much as they say "the show isn't over 'til the fat lady sings", for British people Christmas hasn't begun 'til Noddy Holder has shouted "It's Chriiiiistmaaaas!!"

Perhaps not a very interesting anecdote, but there you go.

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OK so right now I hate hate HATE Family Mart and Burger King (Japan)

Family Mart were doing a Macross F Tombola which started on the 17th and was meant to run til the end of the month.
The nearest one doing it was 2km away, so I walked there on the 17th, had 3 goes, and went home, planning on hitting it up regularly, partly for things I could sell on eBay, partly for the exercise. Went back on Monday and it was over! WTF?

Burger King too, had this "Windows 7 Burger" thing on offer from the 22nd til the 28th. Went there today (a 4km walk, in the rain) and they'd sold out in half an hour on the first day. Why the hell would you claim to offer something for a week or so and only have enough for 30 minutes? If it were to get people in the shop, so they would buy something else (which was more profitable) it back-fired as when I found out I left the place straight away. Still angry though.

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Rather amused by this terrible article in the New York Times about the iPhone and TGS.
Apparently the number of mobile games on show this year proves that everyone is going to stop playing on dedicated consoles and switch solely to the iPhone.
(a)mobile phone games have outnumbered "proper" console games at TGS for a long long time - phone games cost much less and take less time to develop than proper games, there's a good half dozen phone games released in Japan on a very very slow day.
(b)of all the mobile phone games on show, 5 or so were for the iPhone, far less than shown for any of the proper consoles (including the PS2, a "dead" platform)

Reading through the article, there's at least one factual error per paragraph it seems, and even more in some (including the stuff about Hudson, an unlocked original iPhone wouldn't work in Japan as there's no usable 2G network for it)

On a side-note, I've now seen my third ever person in Japan to own an iPhone, and like the other two she had a "proper" mobile too, as there's so much the iPhone can't do.

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Well, it left me so full of rage that I have to say something about it - the ending to Life On Mars US, what the fuck was that about?