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Rather amused by this terrible article in the New York Times about… - Tales from the Electric City [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Sep. 27th, 2009|06:33 pm]
Rather amused by this terrible article in the New York Times about the iPhone and TGS.
Apparently the number of mobile games on show this year proves that everyone is going to stop playing on dedicated consoles and switch solely to the iPhone.
(a)mobile phone games have outnumbered "proper" console games at TGS for a long long time - phone games cost much less and take less time to develop than proper games, there's a good half dozen phone games released in Japan on a very very slow day.
(b)of all the mobile phone games on show, 5 or so were for the iPhone, far less than shown for any of the proper consoles (including the PS2, a "dead" platform)

Reading through the article, there's at least one factual error per paragraph it seems, and even more in some (including the stuff about Hudson, an unlocked original iPhone wouldn't work in Japan as there's no usable 2G network for it)

On a side-note, I've now seen my third ever person in Japan to own an iPhone, and like the other two she had a "proper" mobile too, as there's so much the iPhone can't do.